Guaranteed Rent Income for your South East London Property

    • 0% Commission and ZERO fees
    • No Bills or Council Tax
    • No Void periods. Ever.
    • Property Condition Guaranteed
    • We manage ALL viewings
    • Dedicated & Certified Maintenance Team
    • Zero hassle & Stress Free

    100% Guaranteed Rental Income 52 weeks a year

    Landlord Services

    We offer a fully managed service. From viewings to maintenance it’s all covered.

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    What is Guaranteed Rent?

    If the property is vacant or the tenant fails to pay the rent, you still get paid.

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    How does it work?

    Landlords prefer tenants who are professionals; we become your professional tenants.

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    Guaranteed rental income offers numerous advantages, particularly in areas like South East London, known for its diverse housing landscape and dynamic rental market.

    In this article, we will explore the benefits of guaranteed rent in South East London, shedding light on how property owners and landlords can make the most of this promising arrangement.

    1. Financial Stability: One of the most significant advantages of guaranteed rent is the fixed income stream. In South East London, where property prices and rental rates can fluctuate, having a consistent monthly income can provide much-needed financial stability for landlords. We guaranteed this income even if the property remains vacant, ensuring peace of mind for you as the property owner.

    2. Reduced Risk: Property investments inherently come with risks, including the possibility of tenants defaulting on rent payments or causing damage to the property. With guaranteed rent and guaranteed property condition, property owners shift these risks to us. This reduces the financial and legal risks associated with property management in South East London.

    3. Streamlined Property Management: Our Guaranteed rent arrangements include property management services. This means that as alandlord, you can offload the responsibilities of finding and managing tenants, handling maintenance, and dealing with legal issues to us as guarantor. For property owners who prefer a hands-off approach, this is a significant benefit.

    4. Higher Rental Yields: In South East London, where property values have traditionally appreciated, guaranteed rent can offer a higher rental yield than traditional letting. This can be especially attractive to property investors seeking consistent returns without the hassles of day-to-day management.

    5. Timely Payments: With guaranteed rent, you can count on timely payments, every month. This can be particularly advantageous for those who rely on rental income to cover mortgage payments or other financial commitments.

    6. Less Vacancy Downtime: South East London is a competitive rental market, and vacant periods between tenancies can be costly. When the tenants leave, the vacant period is ours to manage, and has no cost to you.

    7. Compliance with Regulations: The South East London rental market, like many urban areas, is subject to various regulations and licensing requirements. The London Landlord ensure that properties under their management comply with all legal and safety regulations, reducing the risk of fines or legal disputes for landlords.

    8. Long-Term Stability: We can offer long-term guaranteed rental contracts, often ranging from three to five years or more. This long-term stability can be appealing to landlords looking for consistent returns over an extended period.

    9. Stress Reduction: Property management can be a source of stress for many landlords, especially when dealing with difficult tenants or unexpected maintenance issues. Guaranteed rent arrangements can alleviate much of this stress, allowing property owners to enjoy a more passive income stream.

    10. Enhanced Property Maintenance: At The London Landlord we have our own property management team in house. This ensures that properties are well-maintained and that repairs are promptly addressed, preserving your properties’ value over time.

    In conclusion, The London Landlord’s guaranteed rent scheme offers a compelling set of benefits for property owners and landlords in South East London. These advantages include financial stability, risk reduction, streamlined property management, and the potential for higher rental yields. By choosing guaranteed rent, property owners can enjoy a stress-free and consistent income while ensuring their properties are well-maintained and compliant with regulations.

    In a dynamic and competitive rental market like South East London, this arrangement can be a valuable asset for you as a property investor.

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    We can offer guaranteed rents on properties throughout London, including in these London Boroughs:


    Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our customers say:

    The London Landlord is a great company to rent your property with. Whenever there has been an issue with my property, be it a minor one, or an emergency, they have dealt with it very quickly and kept me informed of everything that is happening throughout the process.

    D Sherman

    I have had a property with the London landlord for the past 3 years and just signed a new lease for another 3 years.

    When dealing with The London Landlord I have never had a problem whether it be an enquiry, a repair or a rent issue.

    I have always had a fast reply from them when calling them, even with covid, and staff problems they answer the phone quickly.

    A Johnson

    I’d rate The London Landlord 9/10. Their staff are excellent, especially Annalise, one of the mangers.

    Any problems I have had she has dealt with extremely professionally and in a friendly manner.

    I believe she is a manager and also manages the out of hours emergency line.

    S Pericson